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If you are taking this module for CPD or personal interest purposes, then you need only complete the quiz. Full course candidates can also complete the quiz as a fun and useful recap.

1. Please write a short summary of the yogic view of cancer, including some reference to the concept of the gunas and the koshas. Then, choose one case study (included below) as a focus. How would you approach working with this person from a yogic perspective?

2. Write up some short bullet point guidelines on side effects that you might need to take into account for someone taking part in yoga who is going through either chemotherapy or radiotherapy or a stem cell transplant. What do you think you would need to consider in adapting the practice? As a reminder you can view a comprehensive list of side effects on the Macmillan website and in the publications attached.

3. Write a bullet-pointed list of 5-10 benefits of yoga for cancer, taking into account the published evidence.

Personal practice

1. Continue to keep your personal diary. Reflect on the work we have covered on the course and make notes on your own practice as it unfolds.

2. Read and reflect on Chapter Two of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.

3. Continue to read the Being with Dying by Joan Halifax – a little every day (ongoing exercise).

4. Every day practise at least ten minutes of meditation. Add Metta Bhavana or other compassionate meditation practices whenever possible, and the Divine Light Invocation when needed.

5. Do the gentle asana from the videos with Jude, in the personal practice section. You can begin to adapt your own practice as you start to feel confident. The idea here is to practise from the perspective of someone living with physical limitations, so bring this awareness into your practice.

6. Read The Macmillan Publications about chemotherapy, radiotherapy and stem cell transplants and the side-effects of cancer.

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