1. Setting up classes

Consider and write up the approach you would make to setting up a yoga class for people living with cancer. Ideally, you should do this as a real exercise i.e. set up an actual class (but this is not compulsory). As part of this exercise please also prepare the following materials

a. A poster or flyer advertising your class

b. A leaflet outlining the benefits of yoga for cancer and some guidelines for attending yoga classes

d. A letter of introduction to key stakeholders e.g. GP, oncology centre, cancer support groups etc.

e. A record card for obtaining relevant patient information

f. Any other supporting or marketing materials you would like to include e.g. social networking and web based options

include your work with your practical assessment submission.

2. Practical Assessment requirements

To be completed at the end of your three moment internship period ( i.e. 3 months minimum from your initial enrollment on the first module) The deadline for completion is 12 months from your enrollment on the course.

1. Prepare and teach a 60 minute 1 to 1 Yoga and relaxation session for someone living with cancer. Your "client" in this case does not need to be living with cancer, although it would be good if you had the opportunity to do this. It could also be someone living with another life limiting illness, or a healthy person who is sensitive and willing to act the part for you. Send me the lesson plan and detailed notes on your thoughts feelings, and the client's feedback from the session.

2. Arrange for assessment of a one to one or group teaching practice- The easiest way to do this is via Zoom or another conferencing software. If you are teaching over Zoom, then you can simply invite me. or one of the other Healing Space tutors, as a participant to watch (off video) while you are teaching. If you are teaching in the live space, then your options are to

a. Record it and send us the video link

b. 'Live stream' it via Zoom or another secure conferencing software

c. Invite me, or another approved Healing Space teacher to observe your teaching in the studio (there will be a fee for this, plus travelling expenses)

IMPORTANT NOTE - you must gain the full informed consent of everyone present in order to film them, or have a tutor observe the class. If this is not possible, then it may be possible for you to make an audio recording. If this is not possible, and you cannot arrange an observed assessment, then arrange to have a discussion with me, and we will look at alternatives.

For the purposes of assessment you should assume that your participants are all people recovering from cancer, although you can recruit volunteers who are not living with cancer if you wish. Fellow yoga teachers or trusted students, who can be trusted to be sensitive to your assessment situation. You should have a minimum of three people in your group.

What I am looking for

I will be looking to see that you have absorbed the principles that we have spoken about in the course. Specifically

  • That you offer presence
  • That you work from the heart of compassion
  • That you are considering individual needs and limitations
  • That you are teaching safely
  • That you offer appropriate modifications including props
  • That you safely observe your students/client and respond to any difficulties sensitively
  • That you are able to adapt to any situation that arises
  • That you are able to draw on a wide range of appropriate practices