Don't be a Leaky Bucket - Anti Burnout Workbook

An Essential Self-Care Workbook for Yoga Teachers and Therapists

This e-book, offered by donation, looks at some essential pointers for avoidingb urnout which will be useful for yoga teachers, therapists, and anybody who is involved in assisting in the care and wellbeing of others.

The e-book covers

- Burnout - what it is and how to spot the signs

- Self- care - a five point plan for looking after yourself

- Supervision - seeking professional guidance

- Looking after your energy - energetic, spiritual and practical routines for protecting your energy.

Course Director


Jude has been teaching yoga since 2004, and has been course director on Healing Space – adapting yoga for people living with cancer since 2011. She teaches yoga for cancer modules with Yogacampus and the Scottish School of Yoga Therapy, and is the author of the book Adapting Yoga for People Living with Cancer published by Singing Dragon. She works in palliative care.

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