MODULE 4. Yoga Nidra - Provided by Total Yoga Nidra (external fee involved) OR provide evidence of training required

A core module for the Healing Space - Yoga for Cancer online training

This module is is a core module for completion of the Healing Space Yoga for Cancer certification. It can also be done as a stand alone course for anybody interested in studying the role that Yoga plays in helping those living with Cancer. This module is provided by our friends and colleagues at Total Yoga Nidra. Uma Dinsmore Tuli, and Nirlipta Tuli, who are the experts in this field. Whilst you can enroll in our end of the module for free, the Online immersion experience is £160 which you will pay directly to them. Details and a link are available once you enroll here.

The link takes you to the Yoga Nidra Network website. When you have completed the course then come back to this module to fill out a completion form before moving onto the next module.

If you have already completed the Total Yoga Nidra immersion, the Total Yoga Nidra practitioners course, or another recognosed training in Yoga Nidra e.g. iRest, or a Yoga Therapy qualification, then fill out the completion form with the details before moving onto the next module. Please note that Yoga Nidra practice included as part of a 200 hour or 500 hour standard TTC does not usually meet this requirement. If your TTC had a speciast Yoga Nidra component, fill our the form and I will review it.

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